Rise of the Tomb Raider

So this is a new feature to my Blog, looking at my love for games and what I’m playing right now and what I have played before and really enjoyed. I love gaming, and feel there not enough women flying the flag for female games and sharing the gaming love. I want to share my love of gaming with you good people! I hope you enjoy this new feature and we can share some thoughts on games.

So this first post is about the newest Tomb Raider game released this year. I got this as a Christmas gift after wanting to buy it for over a month. I kept meaning to buy it but kept putting it off, then on Christmas Day got the big surprise of opening a box to it waiting for me. I was over the moon!!

Of course, I had to play it straight away… Actually, I played it all day yesterday, and only stopped when my eyes literally wouldn’t stay open anymore. It is ADDICTIVE. I played the previous Tomb Raider game on the Xbox 360 and wasn’t too keen, as it seemed to be based around combat more than the puzzles and adventuring I am used to in a Tomb Raider game. It was good, but didn’t tick the boxes I expect for Tomb Raider. HOWEVER, This one has everything and more. It is not only a great Tomb Raider game with classic puzzles, challenges and secrets to find, but it also has awesome combat sequences and an upgrade feature.

This game starts out with Lara as a teenager, trying to figure out what drove her father to suicide and continuing his work, although certain groups would like to see it disappear entirely. Lara goes searching for the life source, the object that grants immortality and is held in great esteem to many religious groups. When she is left stranded in the Siberian mountains by an avalanche, she has to set up camp and survive in the freezing temperatures. This is a new feature to Tomb Raider, where you craft your own weapons from resources around the map. Lara has to find hardwood and feathers for arrows, having to raid nests and kill birds to gain ammo, and uses new items she finds to upgrade her weapons. Theoughout the game she finds pieces of new weapons which she will ultimately complete and then upgrade to create a lethal weapon. But weapons are not the only upgrades Lara can have. She also upgrades her skills by reading manuscripts, translating scripture and finding plaques and books scattered around the map. Some skills can only be obtained by completing tomb challenges with puzzles, and this gives extra added interest to the story.

What I find really great about this game, is that it’s not just straightforward and one tracked. As well as doing the story mode, there are side quests in the form of tomb challenges which can be discovered by searching the map and adventuring outside of the story mode path. Some of these hidden areas and challenges require upgrades and extra items to be opened so it gives you something to come back to later in the game, which I think is pretty great! Some of the caves and challenge areas are heavily guarded by bears, wolves, leopards, Cougars and traps of all sorts; which need to be removed before you can continue. Again, some of these require special skills only attainable later in the game so it gives some extra parts to complete later.

Lara has also adopted some new moves with pick axe climbing, slow motion shots and a new melee attack style that is just brutal!! They have also added the use of hand made explosives and molotov’s made from resources from the map and empty bottles and cans left at abandoned camps. A very cool feature!

The story mode itself is also brilliant. It is a well thought out, gripping story with lots of character development and emotion. Parts really pull at your heart strings, and that always indicates a good story.

But the thing I’m most impressed with is the incredible beauty of the game. The scenery is stunningly detailed and the characters are finely tuned to make them look like real people. The cut scenes look the same as the gameplay and flow in and out with perfect fluidity. There are parts of the game where I just had to stop and look around because it’s just so beautiful!

Overall, I think it’s a truly amazing game and well worth a play. I’m definitely going to replay it all over again on a higher difficulty. I give it a 9/10


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