Skincare Favourites 2015

Skincare is very important for a girl in her   *ahem* late twenties, so I’ve started to take it a little bit more seriously in the hopes that I can keep my youthful looks up for many more years to come.

Here’s a few of my favourite skincare products from 2015.


 Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

This product didn’t get cult status by accident. It is genuinely a wonder product, and does everything it says plus much more. Its a gentle, yet thorough cleanser easily removing dirt and impurities from the skin and gently exfoliating with ease thanks to the lovely muslin cloths it comes with. I use this in the evening before putting on my night oil to remove all the grime of the day and it even removes my mascara with no problem at all. I am a huge fan.


Clinique sonic cleansing system and foaming face wash

I got this after reading up on it several times. I’d wanted a cleansing brush for a while but theres so many on the market, I was thoroughly confused. Evenutally I settled on this one as it pulsates rather than buffing or using a rotating head which could cause my sensitive skin to flair up. I’m so pleased I chose this one because it’s INCREDIBLE! The bristles are really soft and pulsate really fast to not only gently exfoliate the skin, but increase circulation so your skin giving you a gorgeous glow. The foaming face wash that goes with it is also super gentle and works so well with the system. I just love it, such a great investment!



Clarins Hyra matte lotion

A fantastic everyday moisturiser made from plant extracts. It moisturises while creating a beautiful matte finish which works well as a base for makeup. It keeps my skin hydrated and comfortable all day while also fighting the dreaded shine! I love it.


Makeup remover

Simple Purifying cleansing lotion

My old favourite still stands strong years later. I’ve still not yet found another cleanser that removes makeup and refreshes my skin quite like this one. It is just brilliant, and an absolute bargain!


Body lotion

Aveeno Moisture lotion

A simple, yet very effective body lotion. I have used many different body butters, lotions and creams over the years to combat my dry skin, but nothing has worked quite as well as this. It’s a very basic unscented lotion, but it packs a serious moisture punch with fast absorbtion. It calms my dry, irritated skin instantly and keeps it feels hydrated and soft all day. It has even helped with my psoriasis, which is AMAZING. A fantastic drug store bargain.


Facial oil

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Oils got a lot of attention this year as we finally discovered that oil doesn’t mean oily. There are oils made for oily skin, dry skin and combination, and they go a long way to helping your skin to recover and rejuvenate as they sink into the deeper layers of the skin unlike lotions. I have combination skin, suffering from dry patches and oily areas too, but this oil has been a god send. I tried a sample and loved it so decided to get a full size bottle and have been using it in the evening before bed 3 times a week. I have noticed a huge change in my skin, with the dry areas evening out and the oil areas calming down. Its even sorted out my break outs, and it smells INCREDIBLE!!

Body scrub

Bean Burst coffee body scrub

I have never, ever used a body scrub quite like this. Its made from coffee and essential oils to give a thorough full body scrub down with a lovely hydrating finish. Being all natural, it’s kind to skin and genuinely leaves you feel super refreshed, wide awake and your skin feels unbelievably smooth and soft. I have been using it twice a week and my skin is really showing an improvement.


Body wash


LUSH Sultana soap

Not being a fan of shower gel because it dries out my skin, I decided to give this a go as my friend (who is an incredible LUSHIE) advised it is moisturising and also helps to heal the skin with natural oils and oats. I gave it a try and have since have repurchased several times because it’s just so good! It smells great, cleanses beautifully, moisturises and also works really well as a shaving cream. Winner!



Coconut oil

Lets be honest, 2015 was the year of the coconut, with people using it for everything from skin, to hair, to teeth whitening and more. It had ALOT of attention, but with good reason. Coconut oil is a wonder product, worthy of it’s pedestal. I used it as a body moisturiser after a bath, a hair mask and a makeup remover. Its been very good to me, and I feel it needs a mention here because, honestly, it’s bloody brilliant stuff!!


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