Casetify IPhone cases 

I’m at home sick at the moment and feeling very sorry for myself, so it was a lovely surprise to get early delivery of my new Casetify cases. 

What is Casetify? It’s a company that create bespoke, custom made iPhone cases that not only look great, but also protect your phone with incredible shock proofing technology. The videos on their website show how iPhones can be dropped, and even thrown, while in these cases and still be perfectly undamaged. Cool huh? If you can protect your iPhone AND make it look cool, you’re on to a winner!

So I had a look over their site, and picked out 3 cases (that was a challenge since there are THOUSANDS of beautiful cases to choose from) and customised them to suit me. The bumper colour can be adjusted to match the back plate you choose, which is designed by an artist. I chose a pink, a turquoise and a clear bumper for my chosen designs.


I wanted to open my options, so went for a pastel design with a clear bumper, a sweet pink design with matching bumper and a gorgeous turquoise design with matching bumper. But, want to know the best part? Once you have the bumper, you can interchange the back plate! That means you can switch each back design to a different bumper colour to reinvent it, and then you can buy more back plates to interchange rather than buying a whole new case! Pretty amazing, right? 
I’m absolutely over the moon with my new cases and can’t wait to start rocking them regularly. Your phone is not just a phone, it’s an accessory and it’s very valuable. So protect it in the best, and most beautiful way, possible. 

Want to give them a go? CLICK HERE to check out their website and start creating your beautiful case today. 


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