Stay warm and do good

The weather has taken a serious turn recently and it’s freeeeeeezing out there!! The sudden chill has finally pushed me to get a new winter hat, as my old one is tatty and no good anymore. But, there’s so many different options on the market, and I’m easily confused. 

However, I happened to stumble upon a fantastic hat at Oliver Bonas on my way home from work a couple of weeks ago, and it sprung to mind while I was hat shopping (yes, that’s a thing!). So I popped in there after a dinner date with my best friend this evening, and found another hat I loved even more! It’s a gorgeous hat, with a metallic thread running through it, giving it a bit of chic shimmer, but the best part is that it does good too! 

This hat (a full range of hat’s, Infact) are made to help the charity Age UK. For every hat sold, £5 goes to the charity, which I think is extremely generous!! So not only do I get a gorgeous new hat for the winter, but I have also done some good for a very worthy cause. 

The whole range of hats is amazing, and I would happily wear any of them. I even bought a children’s rabbit one for my niece while I was there, so she can do her bit for charity too. So if you’re looking for a snazzy winter hat, that works harder than just keeping you warm, give these beauties a try!


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