Clarins instant light lip perfector

The new year hasn’t changed my obsession with lip balm, and seeing the new Spring collection from Clarins had me overly excited for new Spring lip colours. 

Now I’ve heard great things about this lip balm, and it has a huge following, so I had to give it a try. When I went to the Clarins counter, I was so excited to see there were 2 new shades in the collection, though this made my choice so much harder!!! The colours are just GORGEOUS! They are all beautiful, super wearable shades from nude to a deep plum shade. Eventually I settled on a new spring colour, which is a light nude/rose shade. 

In my excitement, I started using this as soon as I left the shop, and OH MY GOD it’s amazing. If you’ve read my other blog posts, you’ll know I love a lip product, especially a moisturising one. This little beauty is the perfect mixture of a balm, a gloss and a sheer lipstick. With just a hint of colour, but a beautiful delicate sheen. It actually makes your lips looks plumper and more healthy while giving a huge hit of moisture, and it’s made from natural plant extracts, so it does good all round. The applicator is a slanted foam tip which distributes the product perfectly, giving great control and a smooth finish. Plus, it tastes and smells lovely. 

My favourite part about this lovely product however, was how long it lasts. I can put it on and not have to reapply for hours because it just sticks and continues to moisturise constantly. I’ve decided to buy the plum shade next, and cannot wait to wear it!!


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