Catch up

It’s been almost a week since my last post, which is kind of a long time! I apologise for going kind of AWOL, I’ve just been having one of those weeks where I lack inspiration and I’ve not been feeling so great. So I thought this would be a good time to have a bit of a catch up.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had the best start to the year, with a chest infection for the first 2 weeks and now dealing with anaemia yet again, it’s been a bit of an uphill battle thus far! The chest infection is all gone now, thankfully, but the anaemia is making me feel really run down and tired constantly, which doesn’t help with my overall well being. However, I’m taking my iron supplements, I’ve revamped my eating habits to add a bit more iron into my diet, and I’m drinking lots more water. Hopefully that’ll kick it up the butt and get me back to my usual self!

But in better news, I’ve been having great success with my capsule wardrobe! It’s been over a month since I fully completed it (if you haven’t seen my winter capsule wardrobe post, click here) and since then, I’ve not felt the overwhelming need to buy more clothes like I normally do. I now know exactly what I have and can recall each item and build outfits really quickly and easily. It makes it a lot easier to say no to buying when I’m out shopping, because I don’t need 2 of the same sort of item! So far, so good! I will reshuffle my capsule In the next couple of months and give you a full update of what goes in and what comes out. 

I’ve also had my eyes re-tested recently and had to get new glasses 👓, so I’ll share my new glasses when I get them next week. I’m also going to post about makeup for glasses wearers too, as I know the struggle of wearing makeup with glasses all too well! If that’s something you would like to see, keep an eye out! 

Also, this week I have bought a few new beauty bits that I want to share with you, including nail varnish, eye shadow and skincare. I will be posting out these this week, so I hope you check those out 🙂 

Thanks for sticking around and continuing to read my posts, I really appreciate having you. 


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