My current everyday makeup

My everyday makeup routine doesn’t change round very often as I like to keep a certain level of naturalness to it, but recently I’ve added a few new items and taken a few out, and I’ve noticed a big difference in how good my makeup looks, and it’s longevity recently. So what’s on my face?

This is a snapshot of what I wear on most days, which actually looks like a lot now I look at it this way, but it used very sparingly so I don’t walk around looking like a doll 24/7. Just wanted to clarify that haha!

So let’s get started with the base. Currently I’m loving the Clarins Hydra-matte face lotion, which I use every morning before putting my makeup on, and it gives me a lovely soft matte base with just enough moisture. Next I put on the Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Glow primer  which adds an incredible luminosity to the skin and leaves it perfectly prepped for makeup. I’ve been favouring my Bare Minerals original mineral powder over liquid foundation recently because it’s so simple and easy to use, and leaves my skin looking almost airbrushed but in a super natural, sheer way. Plus it’s SPF 15, what’s not to like? I touch up red areas and blemishes with my Naked Skin concealer from Urban Decay, which is the best concealer I’ve EVER used may I add, and move onto my cheeks.

I’m a sucker for a cream blush usually, because they’re so easy to use and give a dewy beautiful finish. However, I found my Dior Nudeskin blush compact on eBay, after being horrified to find out it had been discontinued instore (😱), and it has become a makeup staple of mine. It’s a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one and gives my complexion a beautiful lift. Plus the compact is GORGEOUS!! I add a little highlight to my cheekbones and brown one using my L’oreal Lumi pen and move onto my eyes.

Being a glasses wearer, I need a little bit more oomph in the eye makeup department to stop my glasses taking all the attention, so I’ve been favouring a dark smokey brown shadow over a simple nude, to add a bit of definition and drama. I’ve been using MAC’s Patina eyeshadow all over the lid and blended out with Satin Taupe to soften it at the edges. I add a little cat eye flick with my favourite Smashbox Limitless eyeliner and finish off with Max Factor Masterpiece Max in black to give my lashes a boost of drama. 

Finally I finish off with a slick of my favourite lip balm, the Clarins Instant Light tinted balm in 07, which is just INCREDIBLE!! 

So that’s my everyday makeup routine in a nutshell! Some days it’s ALOT simpler than that but this is what I would wear to work etc.


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