Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy nail varnish

You’ve probably seen in my previous posts that I’m a devoted lover of Essie nail varnish, and have a pretty vast collection of shades because I simply haven’t found a nail varnish better. Is that about to change? Let’s see…

These polishes caught my eye while I was doing my usual Boots browse, and the blue shade especially had me curious. Usually, I would just bypass the nail varnish sections of other brands and head straight through to the Essie counter, but this blue shade had me a bit mesmerised. Then I noticed it was 3 for 2, and I was sold! I decided to get 3 totally different shades to what I have in myself  collection now, and settled on these 3. 



All or Nothing


Hold em

But are they any good? Well, I have to say I am bowled over by how great they are! The colours are rich and the formula brushes on so easily, with no streaking or bleeding. You don’t need to worry about base or top coat with these because they are built in already, which saves SO much time! Not only that, but it only takes 2 coats to create a perfect, opaque pop of colour to your nails. But the best part was how long it lasted. Usually my nail varnish chips at the edges within 2 days because I’m a very “hands on” kind of person, and work in job where I’m constantly moving things around etc, but this varnish lasted a full 7 days with no trouble. I didn’t even see that dullness you get at the top of your nail after a few days, It held on in there like a trooper! I even washed up a good few times, had hot baths and even used a body scrub twice while wearing it, and it handled it like a boss. 

I’m so impressed with these varnishes, they may even be better than my beloved Essie, though the colour selection is nowhere near as good as Essie, but I’m sure a few more additions to their colour palette would shove this little gem into my top spot!!


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