Budget lipstick haul

It’s very rare that you will see me go into any makeup retailer and not come out with a lip product of some sort. I am a lipstick addict, I fully admit it. However, in my defence, how could I NOT buy lipsticks when there’s so many unbelievable budget options out there? This time, I not only found 1 lipstick I loved, I found 4!

Let’s get started on the first 2  
Collection lipsticks in China Rose and Aubergine Kiss – £2.99 each 


Now, I confess, I haven’t owned a Collection lipstick since I was 16, and I remember it smelled like burned plastic and it rubbed off on everything, so I was dubious with these, but the whole Collection brand has had a revamp and these colours were so beautiful I just couldn’t say no. I went the 2 ends of the spectrum, choosing a beautiful vintage nude rose shade, and a deep vampy red. Both are satin lipsticks so they don’t have that dry, lumpy texture and give a hit of subtle sheen along with the colour. For £2.99, I wasn’t expecting much, I mean the tubes are pretty naff and cheap, but GOOD LORD, the lipsticks are SO GOOD! I’m actually in shock. The rose colour is the perfect rosey nude shade and gives a subtle shimmer with a seriously pigmented shot of colour, which lifted my pale complexion beautifully. The formula is also very moisturising and felt comfortable on my lips, which is great. It doesn’t smell that great, like that plasticy lipstick smell you get sometimes, but it’s easily overlooked when you see the outcome. The deep red is equally as beautiful, with intense pigment, beautiful shine; and surprisingly, it lasts pretty well! Obviously it’s not the best long lasting stain, there are higher end lipsticks that last better, but this one gives even my NARS lipstick a run for its money, and it’s such a bargain!  


Barry M lip paint in 170 and 171 – £4.49 each


 Next up, 2 devastatingly beautiful nude shades from the new “nudes” collection from Barry M. Again, I haven’t used a Barry M lipstick in years. I remember first getting the colour change lipstick from Barry M a few years ago and being mesmerised by how it turned green to pink with the PH of my lips. I came across these lipsticks by chance because my friend stopped at the Barry M counter so I had a look and fell in love with 2 shades. They are both on the nude spectrum, but in different ways. 170 is a dusky rose pink, and 171 is a muted dusky plum shade. They are GORGEOUS!! The tubes are lovely too, in a gunmetal grey chrome like finish, making them look more expensive than they are. I must say, they are also a delight to wear. They go on almost like a balm, really soft and smooth and leave a subtle glossy finish. The pigment is also seriously intense, leaving your lips with a beautifully even coat of colour. The only issue I could find was that the colour can transfer to your teeth quite easily, but it’s nothing a classic lipstick finger swipe can’t solve. I would happily wear either of these on an everyday basis and be happy with the way it looks.  

The bottom line here is that a beautiful lipstick doesn’t have to cost the earth. I’m actively reaching for these budget lipsticks over my luxury brands which is crazy, but it’s because they are just so good! I fully recommend any of these lipsticks, happy days lipstick fans!!



6 thoughts on “Budget lipstick haul

  1. You know I’ll be interested in this, maybe I’ll seek out a Collections one first to check out the range. I like those ones best out of the ones you picked up

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