Budget Beauty Week

Last week, I gave myself a challenge: To use nothing but budget drugstore makeup every single day for 7 days. Now, you can see from my previous posts that I use a mixture of budget and high end makeup on a daily basis, but let’s be honest about it, high end makeup is EXPENSIVE. So, I wanted to try and recreate my everyday makeup look with budget products instead and see if the quality was any different. All items are under £10 each, but will the budget overthrow the branded? The results? Well, they are pretty shocking…

OK, so first things first… What products did I use?

  • Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette in “Flawless Matte – £8
  • Maybelline Dream Satin foundation in “Ivory” – £6.99
  • Rimmel Fix and Protect SPF25 primer – £3.99
  • Rimmel Stay Matte powder in “Transluscent” – £3.99
  • Maybelline Sensational mascara in “Very Black” – £6.99
  • Collection #Blushandglow palette – £3.99
  • NYX matte lip cream in “Cannes” – £5.50
  • Collection Extreme liquid liner pen in “Black” – £2.99
  • Maybelline The Eraser in “Light” – £6.99
  • NYX matte lip cream in “Stockholm” – £5.50

So this is what I have been working with daily. All items are from the drugstore, and all are under £10. So how did they fair? Well, I have to say, I have actually loved using them.

The foundation is a little bit dark for me, even though it’s the fairest one they had, but I find that problem with a lot of budget foundations. I used it anyway as it wasn’t too noticeable, and loved how smooth it went on, but I find it kind of mask like, in that it’s so high coverage it almost makes me look like I’m wearing a mask. That’s great if I’m on a night out, and need a little extra oomph in the coverage dept, but daily, it’s a bit heavy. It lasted really well mind you and looked fresh all day which is really surprising. However, I do think that had a lot to do with the INCREDIBLE Rimmel primer.

I put the primer in my favourites post at the weekend because I just love it so much, not just for its serious staying power but also because it’s really hydrating and contains SPF 25. It’s so cheap, but so good!!

The eraser concealer is a new makeup bag favourite due to its creamy texture, unbelievable coverage and neat application sponge. It’s a great all-rounder for brightening and coverage. Enough to knock my Urban Decay Naked concealer off the top spot? Perhaps not, but its a dam sight cheaper and works just as well, so I think I’ll use this little beauty for daytime and save my Naked concealer for nights out. Compromise.

I don’t need to go into too much depth with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, as it’s a cult product and is renowned for being awesome! I can confirm it is. The mascara is actually great. I have sensitive eyes, and I had no trouble with this super mascara. It’s intensely black, and looks really natural with one coat, but can easily be built up without the dreaded spider lash effect. It lifts, volumises, lengthens and makes your lashes look so thick. I loooove it. 

The Collection #BlushAndGlow was a surprise. I didn’t expect much from such a cheap product, but was shocked at how pigmented the powders are. The blush literally needs one sweep and it’s done. The highlighter is very natural looking on the skin and the bronzer is great for contouring on pale skin as it has no red tones. I would say, however, it’s easy to overdo it with this palette, so be sparing with it, but otherwise it’s great. 

You’ve probably seen my post about the NYX matte lip creams from a few months ago, where i raved about how amazing they are. Mind mind hasn’t changed…I still LOVE them! They are beautiful colours, soft on the lips and not drying at all. They really lift the tone of your skin too, which is lovely. 

The Collection eyeliner has me all in a flap. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be any good, I mean for £2.99 you really don’t expect much lets be honest! However, on the first use, I fell head over heel in love with this incredible little pen liner. It not only applies beautifully with a precise, felt tip style nib, but it really lasts. I wore this for a full 14 hours on the first try to give it a full test run, and it looked flawless when I took it off that evening. It completely bowled me over, and It has now become my go-to liner replacing my beloved Smashbox Limitless liner. Bravo Collection!

Finally, the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette. I have written a post about his gorgeous palette before, and spoke highly of it then, and I still think it’s bloody brilliant! Theres so many beautiful, totally wearable colours in there, and they’re all velvety and high pigmented. I tend to use this palette alot for doing dramatic smokey eyes and things, but it was nice to use it for just day-to-day eyeshadow, and I found a new love for it in the process. I have become a little bit reliant on my MAC shadows recently, but this budget week had made me want to use this palette alot more. Plus, it’s £8…what more could you ask for!? 

It was a great week for drugstore makeup! I haven’t used a full face of budget makeup in years, and it was actually a nice change to pull out items I know didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I was pleasantly surprised that alot of the products were so good! I didn’t expect to be so impressed with alot of them, especially the eyeliner and Primer. It’s been a whole week of using them and I’m still using the Rimmel primer over my previous Benefit Porefessional primer, and favouring the Collection liner over my beloved Smashbox. I must admit, I haven’t used the foundation since, but that is mainly because I just find my Charlotte Tilbury foundations to be much better for my skin, and think they look way more natural compared to this one. I haven’t given up hope on finding a great budget foundation though! I know I’ll find a great one out there. I also found I reverted back to my Dior and Bare Minerals blushes since Budget week too, because I think they look more natural and I find the powders to be more finely milled and smoother on the skin. Thats not to say I won’t use the Blush and Go palette again, because I really do like it, I just think it will be better for a night out, as the colour is a bit more poppy and noticeable. 

I’ve had a great time on Budget Week and proved that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality!  





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