Crushing on Clarins

I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with Clarins recently, after getting a few of their products last year and loving them. Since then, my Clarins collection has grown with makeup and skincare, and It has no sign of stopping! 

Water Comfort Cleanser, Lotus treatment Oil, Instant Light lip balm, Multi Active Jour day cream, ‘relax’ body treatment oil

You have orobably seen me raving about the lip balm in other posts, so I won’t talk about it too much! But, it genuinely is so good! I use it everyday and really love the texture, scent and moisture it provides. 

The cleanser is a new favourite of mine, as it’s super gentle, removes all makeup and smells like yummy peaches! It’s a great product. 

I have only tried samples of the Multi Active Day and Night, but have loved them so far! I put a few drops of the Lotus treatment oil in with the night cream to give it an extra punch of moisture and it really makes the difference to my skin come morning. The day cream is really silky and smooth and leaves my skin really moisturised and soft with the added protection of SPF 20. I will be picking up a full size pot of this at some point but it really is lovely to use. 

I only have a sample size of the body treatment oil, as I didn’t want to commit to a full size just yet! But after using it a few times, I am fully sold on it and will be buying a full size bottle. It’s a beautiful, silky aromatherapy oil with a divine scent. I add a few drops to my bath if I’m feeling a bit stressed or put some on my arms and neck areas after moisturising for a little relaxing boost. I found it really helps me to sleep too, which is great!

But the best part? Their products are all made from natural plant extracts and are kind to skin, so that has me sold! 


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