Burberry beauty first impressions

OMG, I finally got my hands on some Burberry Beauty after months of um-Ing and Ah-Ing over whether or not I should take the plunge and buy some. It’s certainly not a budget beauty range, with prices starting at £20, but I’ve been eyeing it up constantly and trying to justify buying some, then spotted a 20% off deal and went for it (I’m proof that discount offers really do work. That, our I just need any excuse… Either way…)!

I’ve actually never been interested in the Burberry brand, in all honesty, but I saw the beauty collection, and loved the idea of the nude hues, subtle sculpting and all round natural look of the makeup. Burberry beauty draws inspiration from its famous trench coats, rainy days and nature, so all the products are very neutral and subtle. That idea really grabbed me, as I’m not really into dramatic makeup, super contouring or bold colours on my face unless it’s a cheeky pop of lipstick, so the idea of a whole range directed at making my makeup look natural, but awesome speaks to me! 

I’ve been watching videos and reviews of the Burberry beauty line, and for the most part, the collection has a huge following already. The eyeshadows especially are very popular among the brands fans. I actually bought 2 eyeshadows, a warm glow bronzer, contour stick and highlight stick. The products come packaged in this minimal, but very luxurious packing with gold print and a lovely almost woven card which I believe is to mimic their Trench coat materials. Very nice! 

I honestly could not control my excitement opening these gorgeous items!! Each one comes in a beautiful Burberry print velvet slip to protect the absolutely stunning gunmetal cases with the same classic Burberry stripe print embossed on top. The casing is weighty and very solid, a sure sign of quality. They will look incredible on my vanity table, that’s for sure! The cases are fastened magnetically, and cannot be opened without some force, so you know they will be safe in your handbag and you won’t have to worry about them opening and getting product everywhere (I’m speaking from experience here!). The contour and highlight sticks are also packed in the gunmetal packaging, however the contour is a matte style and highlight a more chromey effect like the compacts. This is so it’s easy to differentiate them at a glance. A very handy and convenient play, nice one Burberry! 

So onto the products themselves… What are my first impressions? Well, I’m actually super excited by all of them! I swatched the eyeshadows and was blown away by how finely milled and silky smooth the powders are! They feel really creamy on the skin, and blend absolutely beautifully! I swatched the tiniest amount on my wrist and got an absolutely beautiful wash of light colour from both shadows, with just a light shimmer without the gritty glitter some eyeshadows have. I did swatch again on top and the colour builds effortlessly to create a bold, pop of colour which can be further intensified by using a damp brush. I can tell already that they are going to be great for creating a smokey eye.

Burberry Silk eyeshadow in Midnight Brown and Storm Grey

The warm glow bronzer is very much the same in that it’s very finely milled and very creamy on the skin. I actually tried this on my face already, and was worried it would be orangey on my pale skin as it looks orangey in the pan, but was pleasantly surprised to find it’s actually very nice! It’s a very light wash of colour, which adds warmth to the skin and a subtle radiance without any shimmer. I used it across my cheekbones, across my forehead and along my jawline and it really lifted my skin, making me look warmer and brighter. The powder also has a sweet florals scent which is very nice! I really like it!

The contour stick is a beautiful warm bronze shade with cool tones, great for creating subtle “shadows” on the face. As I said before, I’m not into the whole contouring thing, but I like a bit of definition in a natural way, and this will hopefully help me to achieve that! It’s very creamy, super blendable and dries matte, so let’s see how it goes! The highlight stick is much the same in its creamy texture and blendability, and has a BEAUTIFUL shimmer without being over powering. I blended this on my arm and it looked super natural and radiant rather than glittery which I love! I’ll be trying this later today to get a better idea of its wearability.

Burberry warmth powder in 01 Warm glow, Face Contour pen in 02 medium and Fresh Glow stick in 01 Nude Radiance 

So far I really like what I have bought and I hope it can only get better from here! I will give them all a proper road test and will report back with my findings soon! 

Until then, have a fabulous weekend!


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