Burberry Beauty, the verdict! 

So I posted last week about my first Burberry Beauty purchases, and I promised I would come back and give you my verdict after using it for a few days. So, here it is…

Right, well, let me start by saying that Burberry Beauty is not budget friendly. It’s pretty pricey… But my god is it worth it!! I have to say, I have been blown away with how good it is! First of all, the packaging is just BEAUTIFUL, I mean shiny gunmetal with the classic Burberry check print? Just incredible. The whole collection feels very decadent and luxurious and the products themselves follow suit very nicely. 

The warm glow bronzer has been the biggest surprise for me. It looks really orangey in the tray, but it adds just enough warmth to my pale complexion to really wake me up and add a light summery glow to my skin. I’ve worn it every day this week and it’s longevity has really impressed me. The powder itself is really finely milled and has a gorgeous warm luminosity without having any shimmer or glitter in it at all. The sign of a great powder! Plus, it smells like flowers!! The eyeshadows are also incredibly finely milled and go on really sheer at first but build effortlessly with no fall out and no creasing even after 12 hours of wear! So impressive! 

But, the real star here is the contour duo. I’ve said before I’m not keen on the super contoured look because I feel like it looks a bit fake and is a lot of bloody effort! So when this contour duo promised a natural looking contour, I was all ears, and they were not fibbing! The contour stick is a warm bronzey colour, with no orangey tones so it doesn’t look fake. I simply drew a couple of lines from my hairline to the apples of my cheeks and blended with a brush and was left with an incredibly natural looking “shadow” marking out my cheekbones effortlessly, but it doesn’t look at all like I’m wearing makeup! It’s crazy! I also use it in my eye socket to create a really natural eye lid contour. The highlighter then finishes it off with a beautiful soft luminosity with no glitter. Again, I use this as an eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes and it really makes them pop! 

I’m SO impressed with my purchases and so happy I finally took the plunge! If you’re thinking of trying out Burberry Beauty, give it a go, hopefully you’ll love it too! 


5 thoughts on “Burberry Beauty, the verdict! 

    1. Tbh I have tried some of the higher end collections before and really not been impressed. The Dior Star collection was a huge let down as was the Guerlain highlighter. I ended up giving them away because I had better budget versions. This collection is really well thought out and executed, worth every penny in my opinion xx

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      1. You usually would given the price tag, but I know it’s not true from years of experience. Same applies to clothing too, I have bought some of my favourite items in high street stores and love them way more than the high end stuff xx


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