Payday Perfume

So this week was payday, and payday means a very excited me going shopping. It’s a fact, I can’t hide it! But this payday, I decided to treat myself to a new scent since spring is coming and I feel like a bit of a change up in my scent selection again. 

Now, I went into Boots (of course!) and was browsing the perfumes looking for something sweet as my other luxury perfume (Marc Jacobs Decadence) is very intense and quite florally. I tried a few and kept finding that they were a bit too sickly or made me smell like a 12 year old which isn’t ideal so I asked the guy there for help. A little bit off subject, but the guy who helped me had the most beautiful eyelashes EVER and his mascara was applied so flawlessly, I really couldn’t take my eyes off of him! So anyway, he directed me to the Givenchy section, and pointed out the Dahlia Divin. He said its a floral fragrance with a sweet base so it would smell sweet but not sickly, like an adult version of sweet. BINGO! That’s exactly what I wanted! 

I tried some on, and sure enough I loved it! It’s a very warm, comforting kind of smell with a florally hur and just a hint of sweetness to it due to the plum base notes. It sounds weird, but it makes me feel like a proper woman, you know, like I have my ducks in a row even if I haven’t. Also, the longevity is pretty impressive. He only spritz a tiny bit on my wrists and hours later, after a train journey home, walking in the rain and some washing up; it’s still going strong with no effort at all. That is a sure sign of a great perfume! 

But, even better still, I managed to get £15 back in Boots points (if you’re not familiar with Boots in the UK, you get loyalty points for spending which can be used on future purchases instore) and 2 free gifts in the form of a beautiful red patent Givenchy purse and a gorgeous coral mini lipstick in a slide out match box style case! Such a great deal, and I just love the lipstick! 


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