Cruelty Free Beauty

I recently made a decision to change the way I buy makeup after seeing a disturbing article about MAC testing on animals so they could sell their products in China. I’ve not ever really thought too hard about it, which I feel pretty bad for, but it never really crossed my mind because it’s not really spoken about much in the UK. However, after reading this article, I decided to do a little bit of research into other brands that still use animal testing, and was HORRIFIED to find that a majority of the brands in my makeup drawer are not cruelty free. Cue the overwhelming guilt that a poor animal probably suffered so I could wear a pretty lipstick. Horrendous.

SO, in the wake of this discovery, I have decided to only buy cruelty free makeup and skincare from now on. Obviously, I will finish the products I have already bought because I have spent a lot of money on them and it would be wasteful to just throw them away. But, once they’re empty, I won’t be rebuying. One persons decision to turn away from brands that use animal testing probably isn’t going to change anything, but it will be a weight off my shoulders, and if more people do it, perhaps the brands that do still practise this awful activity will take notice and change their ways. I should say that I do eat meat, and have no intention of becoming vegan or vegetarian because it doesn’t suit my lifestyle (I do eat free range however), but I do think eating meat is natural, whereas putting chemicals on animals and maiming them in the name of a new mascara or lipstick is NOT natural and I do not agree with it.

(Image from Google, not my own image)
(Image from Google, not my own image)

So I had a look around online and found a list of cruelty free brands that I LOVE and will continue to use in the future. Sadly some of my favourite brands like Clarins, Clinique, Avon, MAC and Chanel do test on animals which is so disappointing and upsetting, especially since I love so many of their products.

A few of the cruelty free brands I love are:

Bareminerals, Tarte cosmetics, Too Faced, Smashbox, Collection, Barry M, Botanics at Boots, Charlotte Tilbury, ELF, Pixi cosmetics, NYX, B Natural at Superdrug, LUSH cosmetics, Kiko and NARS.

Now, I do have to say that some of these brands are owned by a larger brand who DO test on animals, but I won’t hold that against the brand themselves as they confirm they do not test their own products on animals, and that’s good enough for me! It’s like saying a block of flats is owned by a man who loves the colour purple, but that doesn’t mean the people in the flats love the colour purple, or that they have to, it’s a choice.

I’m pretty excited to start this new journey into a cruelty free beauty routine, and will be sharing all the products I buy from now on with animals rights in mind 🙂






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