Skincare and Haircare Haul

March has been a pretty intense month already. I’ve been working super hard, and the stress has played havoc with my skin and general well being. So, when payday came round, I decided to do a little bit of shopping and have a refresh. 

I’ll start with skincare and haircare, as putting all my purchases in one post would make a pretty long post. I went for a little shop in Boots (nothing unusual there) and saw there was an offer on Botanics skincare. I have used Botanics before and really liked their day cream and night cream, so thought I’d give some of their other goodies a try! I ended up getting the  radiance treatment serum, all bright eye roll on and radiance balm. I will update you on how I get on with those after using them for a bit.

I also ordered some First Aid Beauty skincare, as I used it a few years ago and LOVED it, but sadly Boots stopped stocking it so I stopped using it, but I discovered feelunique stocked it, so I bought the bestsellers set containing the face cleanser, repair cream and radiance pads. This brand is incredible for sensitive skin, as all the ingredients are gentle, yet effective and really help to clear up troublesome breakouts and flaws. The radiance pads especially are great. I use them everyday to ensure all the makeup is off my face and to soothe my skin. They leave my face feeling refreshed, clean and not at all dry or sticky. They are just amazing. 

 I also purchased a few haircare bits as I’m running out of my current shampoo and wanted to switch to a cruelty free brand, so I went for Alberto Balsam. This brand is very nostalgic for me, because my mum used to wash my hair with Alberto Balsam shampoo when I was a kid and I always remember the amazing raspberry scent of it. Recently they had a brand reboot and updated their packaging and formula to be even better than before! One whiff of that sweet raspberry scent sends me back to a simpler time and the formula makes my hair feel super soft and light. For only £1 a bottle, it’s incredible stuff!! 

I also I bought the new Batiste sprays, since I live with a can of the stuff everywhere I go (I have one at work, one at home, one in my handbag etc) for those “I need a serious pick-me-up” moments where you need a bit of volume.  These new releases are 2 very different scents, one being very fresh and breezy and the other super sweet like candy floss, and the cans are so nice!! The sweet one is covered in little pink Russian dolls! So cute. They do the job, and they smell great too! 



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