Cruelty free purchases

Since I went completely cruelty free with my beauty products last month, I’ve been really enjoying going shopping to find new items. I didn’t realise how many brands actually aren’t cruelty free, and how many blur the lines between cruelty free and non cruelty free which is SO depressing. However, I have discovered some new brands and fallen inlove with some new products from my shift is buying preference. Here’s a few items I’ve purchased recently.

First up, these gorgeous Lottie London nail laquers in stay cool and hit refresh. I spotted this range in Superdrug because I share a name with them (all my friends call me Lottie), and that instantly got my attention. I had a quick check and found out they are a cruelty free brand, WIN! I bought a couple of shades, although I could have bought quite a few because the colour range is GORGEOUS, and decided on these 2 Spring friendly hues. Being impatient, I tried the lilac one as soon as I got it home, and it looks incredible on. The colour is very opaque, and 2 coats had my nails looking Spring ready and really polished. Plus, it dried fast and lasts really well. Big fan! Next step is their beautiful range of pastel coloured brushes!

Now, I’m usually a bit of a prude with my makeup brushes and won’t buy them unless I know they’re great or they have a good following. However, I found these while browsing through Amazon and they were advertised as 100% vegan and cruelty free with super soft bristles and sturdy wooden handles. That peaked my interest, and I had a quick look at the reviews and found they had 5 star reviews from previous customers, so I took the dive and bought them for just £7.99!! When I got them, I gave them a go straight away and absolutely loved them! They are so soft, yet dense and don’t leave any stray bristles on your face which is something I dread from cheaper brushes. I haven’t tried washing them yet, but so far they have been brilliant and I’m so pleased!

I also bought some surprising haircare courtesy of haircare brand Fudge. I bought 3 items after finding out they’re not only cruelty free, but they also smell DIVINE! I got the iced raspberry hairspray, the pear and sweet vanilla texturising spray and coconut sea salt spray. All the products smell like yummy desserts and work so well! The sea salt spray adds light, natural texture without being sticky or stiff and the sprays follow on from this with their light, delicate hold and non crunchy texture. I’m so impressed with them, I think I need the whole range!! 


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