Urban Decay One & Done foundation and Perversion Mascara 

When I heard that Urban Decay were releasing a whole new range of products for Summer 2016, I got seriously excited! I love Urban Decay products for their great quality and fab results, and absolutely swear by their Naked Concealer. I spotted this new launch on the brands website and my eyes were drawn to the Naked On & Done foundation straight away. Being such huge fan of the concealer already, I just HAD to try to. But while on my little shop, I also nabbed the Perversion mascara since I needed a new one and this looked pretty sleek! 


 So, first things first, the packaging is lovely! It’s really metallic, sleek and modern. I like how lightweight it is, an ideal partner for travel! 

The foundation comes in an almost squeeze tube but has a pump dispenser which I LOVE. The amount of times foundation gets wasted because too much comes out of the bottle, or it all caked up round the top is ridiculous. So the pump is really great! I used just one pump to cover my whole face, which is great as there’s not that much product in the tube sadly. 

The foundation itself is a bit more like a tinted moisturiser, with an ultra light almost whipped texture. It feels really feather light on the skin, like you’re almost not wearing anything at all, and provides light to medium coverage. I found it is very dewy and radiant on my skin. Once I had applied, my face instantly looked brighter and more awake, with a light radiance to it. I did need to use concealer on my imperfections and under my eyes as the coverage Isn’t very high, but it’s understandable since it’s a Summer product aimed for use on hot sunny days. I imagine this would be a great foundation to use on holiday as its so light and dewy, and the added SPF 20 leaves one less job to do everyday. 

Pros: very dewy, light and radiance boosting. The added SPF is great! Long lasting wear. 

Cons: not a lot of product in the tube and not much coverage. 


I was so excited to try this mascara after reading great things online about it, and Boy, it did not disappoint! I’ll start with the brush. It’s a bristle brush, which now feels a bit old school after all the runner brushes stormed into our makeup bags, with alternate length bristles. The tiny little bristles mingled in with the longer ones really help to grab every lash as you apply and ensure the mascara is distributed evenly, without leaving clumps or doing that horrible thing where 4 lashes stick together to become one giant lash! I found the brush worked perfectly for my lashes, and left them looking lifted and really well separated. 

The formula is really great too. Ultra black, glossy and hard wearing, this formula really packs a punch! It goes on really smoothly with no flakiness or that annoying spitting you get with some watery formulas. It dries fast leaving your lashes coated in glossy black beautifulness! I find one coat does the trick and leaves my lashes looking really full, volumous and fluttery with a weightless feel. It also lasts all day with no flaking or smudging! Very nice indeed! 

Pros: glossy, ultra black and smudge resistant. Gives full, volumous look with just one coat!

Cons: it’s quite hard to get off! Micellar water does the trick though. 



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