Too Faced haul 

I’ve been DYING to write this post for the last week and finally, it’s here! I went a little bit mad and bought some Too Faced goodies while doing an online shop and wanted to share my thoughts on them with my lovely readers! I’ve now been using these products for a few weeks so I can give you a full review of each product with some experience! 


 So, What did I buy? Chocolate Bon Bon’s eyeshadow palette, Born This Way foundation, Melted lipstick in Chihuahua, Chocolate Milkshake and Chocolate Cherries

I’ll start with the foundation. I bought the shade Vanilla, which is a slightly yellow toned pale colour, that looks so good once blended in. It’s a really creamy, lightweight formula with a semi matte finish. It has a very light drained to it, so it looks like your skin but WAY better. It covers all manner of flaws, including scarring which is my main concern. I was worried it wouldn’t be long lasting, but I was so wrong! It looked fresh for hours on end. I put it on at 7am and it’s still going strong at 7pm when I take my makeup off. It’s so good, I don’t even need to wear concealer when I have it on. MIRACLE!! 


The eye palette, OMG, the palette! It is just INCREDIBLE! The eyeshadows are just beautiful shades, ranging from light daytime shades to deep, intense shades. They are so pigmented and really finely milled so there’s no fallout and it goes on really smoothly! I have been using the shades Divinity and Cashew Chew everyday for the past week, and the more intense colours to great a smokey effect for an evening out. And if the great range of colours and the great formula isn’t enough, they also smell of chocolate!! Heaven!

  The Melted lipsticks are a retry for me. I got 2 colours when they were first released, a bright pink and a red, and wasn’t too convinced they were worth the hype. However, I saw these new shades in the Chocolate collection and read great reviews about them so decided to give them a second go. I’m so glad I did because I actually love them. They are like a glossy liquid lipstick with all the pigment of a lipstick, but all the gorgeous glossiness and moisturising properly of a gloss. They’re not at all sticky and don’t fray at the edges of the lips which I find so often with these types of formula. The colours are really intense and creamy, and just look fresh and beautiful on! I was dubious about the dark shade because of the trouble I had with the red and pink before, but it’s actually beautiful and doesn’t slip off like the brighter colours did. I absolutely love these lipsticks, and recommend sticking to the chocolates collection for real easy to wear colours and a gorgeous finish! 


As part of my order, I also got a free sample of the Chocolate Soleil Bronzers and the Cocoa powder foundation, and I have become a big fan of both! The powder foundation gives a really soft focus finish and light diffusing look and smells of chocolate, as the bronzers do too. The powders are so finely milled, they just create a beautiful, delicate finish that lasts for hours! I’ll be investing in these when my current bronzer runs out! 


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