The trainer transition

Before this last few months, I hadn’t worn a pair of trainers outside of a Zumba class since I was 15. I have worn the odd pair of Vans Plimsoles and high top Converse, but not trainers. In fact, only a couple of years ago I said that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing trainers as everyday shoes. Fast forward to now and, it could be old age getting to me, but I now have 2 pairs of trainers that I wear constantly. I love how comfy they are, especially on the walk to work in the mornings, but more surprisingly I actually like the way they look! 

I’ve really been loving the style of wearing a quite formal outfit with the jux to position of a sports shoe, and it has really inspired me to wear trainers more often. My feet are super happy about that! 

I currently wear my Reebok Classics almost everyday because they go with almost everything. I can wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses and even smart work trousers to add a casual edge. Being monochrome, they are super easy to style and remain classic looking. I really love how they add a funkiness to whatever outfit I choose to wear, and being comfy compared to aching in heeled boots is a god send! 

But not satisfied with one pair of trainers, I ended up buying a pair of Navy Adidas Gazelle suede trainers which are a bit more like a casual shoe than a training shoe so they work really well with a casual outfit. They are really cool looking, and jazz up a simple jeans and tshirt combo effortlessly, adding just a dash of coolness. My spring/summer wardrobe has a lot of blue and white in it, which I will show in my capsule wardrobe update coming soon, and these beauties fit in with the theme so well! 

Here’s how I wear them:

Top: £7.99 H&M, Trousers: £40 Topshop, Trainers: £49.99, Adidas 

Top: £7.99, H&M Jeans: £45, Topshop, Trainers: £54.99 Reebok Jacket: £18.50, New Look

Jacket : £45, Topshop Shirt: £24.99, M&S Trainers: £49.99, Adidas Bag: £29.99, TK Maxx

I’m really glad I decided to give trainers a chance, and I don’t think I will be going back! 


5 thoughts on “The trainer transition

  1. I hate anything sporty. I have to wear trainers for the next year and a half because of my bad feet and finding it to be quite limited as I feel like they don’t look good with everyday clothes like flat ankle boots do. Can’t wait for the day I can get back into my other pairs of shoes but that’ll be a long while so I’m trying to get used to it

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    1. I felt exactly the same way about trainers for years, but It’s only recently I’ve actually embraced them and started to enjoy wearing them. Try getting pumps instead of actual trainers? Vans, Converse and ked’s are great! They’re a bit more classy than normal trainers.


      1. At the moment I have to wear trainers. They have the best grip and support for post surgery feet. I’ll think about those options when I’ve healed after the second surgery though

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