The Fashion Revolution

You’ve probably seen a lot recently about the #fashionrevolution, which is basically opening our eyes as the consumer to how damaging fast fashion is on the planet. I’ve not really thought much about it before, but since this campaign started and has gained momentum in recent years, I have become more aware of the real effects our fast fashion ways are damaging our world.

Now, I’m the biggest culprit of buying into Fast Fashion. Rarely do I go out and not buy something new… whether it be a cute top, a nice dress for an event, a sweet necklace or a plain tshirt. I did start my capsule wardrobe in the Autumn of 2015, and noticed that I bought much less once I knew exactly what I had and managed to create a mix and match wardrobe, but before then it was a much different story. I am a “clothing chameleon” in that I change my style on a constant basis. Not to follow fashion, I very rarely follow the fashion hype of the moment, but because my state of mine changes pretty rapidly and I feel like I express my feelings and my personality through my clothing. However, now I have had a capsule wardrobe, I know that I can stick to a basic a palette and still express myself with accessories and little extras. But, Is that enough? I don’t think so. Because I can buy less, but what I do buy may not necessarily be the right stuff.

Let’s look at it this way, you could buy a cute Breton tshirt from Primark and it will only last 2 washes, but you don’t feel terrible because it was only £3. But then think about how much went into getting that tshirt into your hands. The materials for that tshirt need to be gathered, it needs to be put together, seen, washed, dyed and rewashed, all before it gets put into a truck and driven hundreds of miles to a plane/ship where it will be shipped to the UK. Then it has to be driven to the warehouse where it is distributed again to the store. That’s ALOT of work and pollution for one tshirt. It’s easy to forget the journey these cheap clothes go through to get to us, the consumers. The carbon footprint of these clothes is huge and it’s becoming a huge issue for the with planet.

So what can we do? 

There are a few things we can do to help save the planet and decrease the carbon footprint fast fashion is putting onto our world. Here are a few easy changes we can make.

Buy less, Wear more

The idea of this is very simple, we buy better quality items which will last us longer so we can buy less often. Better quality doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive, however. Be smart with materials, and you’re on the right track already. Avoid items that are made of poor quality materials, and you will find that they will last much longer. Lots of tshirts look the same but some are made from poor quality fabrics which means after a few washes they will probably fall apart. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, leather and linen are always a good bet because they weather well and last for a long time when looked after properly. I try to avoid polyester where I can because I find it degrades really quickly, and the process of making it is quite damaging to the environment. When out shopping, be concious and choose wisely, and you’ll have beautiful garments that last years, not just days. 

Hand wash where possible

It seems like a pretty simple change to make, but by hand washing your clothes, you can cut not only your electricity bills, but also your carbon footprint. PLUS, most fabrics get great benefit from gentle hand washing and it makes them last longer! 

Recycle your wardrobe

Sounds easy enough! Many high street stores now offer a recycling service. H&M is the newest store to start recycling, opening it’s doors to all textiles for recycling, then these materials go into ther Concious Collection of recycled garments! Genius! 

But you can recycle in other ways too. Rather than throwing your clothes away, why not sell them on or swap them? eBay is great for selling pre owned clothing, and sites like Vinted are superb for swapping, selling and buying new and pre owned items. You can get brand new clothes, shoes, jewellery and more for low prices. What’s not to love? 

Buy conciously

A bit obvious, but buying from brands that work ethically and conciously really is a great way to ensure the clothes you buy are fair to everyone. These brands will ensure the workers picking the cotton, sewing the garments, packing the lorries and working in the factories are treated fairly and paid well. They also make a huge effort to source materials locally where possible to save the carbon trail on shipped goods. 

Great brands for this include Peopletree, Seasalt, Noctu, H&M Concious Collection and All Saints 

Create a capsule wardrobe

It really does work. Buy super versatile items for your wardrobe to condense it down and ensure you don’t feel the need to buy more clothing. Be clever by choosing items that can be mixed and matched and worn several different ways, so you never get bored, but always have something great to wear. I have started to steer toward simple clothing items and mix it up with my jewellery or accessories to create a new outfit using the same item. It’s super easy and quite refreshing to do! 

I hope this post has given you a few ideas of how we can revolutionise the fashion world and benefit the planet in the long run. They are simple changes, but could make the world of difference if we all stick together. We love fashion, and we want to be a part of it, but we don’t want it to be at anyone else’s expense for it. Let’s change the fashion world #fashionrevolution





3 thoughts on “The Fashion Revolution

  1. This is the reason I have a capsule closet. I have around 25-35 pieces in, depending on a season, and I don’t feel bad about buying nonstop new cheap garments anymore because I know how the production looks like, as a fashion management student. We, as consumers, turned fashion industry into what it is because we accepted this fast fashion trend, unfortunately, I am a part of it and it’s a wicked circle 🙂 You should take a look at my last post about The True Cost – fashion documentary, I’m sure you would like it because it touches exactly this subject 🙂

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