First aid for your face

I first tried First Aid Beauty a few years ago when I was struggling with breakouts, but most face washes and treatments would irritate my sensitive skin and make things 10 times worse. That’s when I stumbled upon this brand on a routine trip to Boots, and the vintage look packaging caught my eye. The lady at the concession said it was a range made especially for sensitive problem skin, and I was immediately interested. After trying out the radiance pads, I was hooked, but sadly they stopped stocking it in Boots shortly after and I couldn’t find anywhere else that stocked it so I moved on. BUT, I then discovered FeelUnique had become a UK stockist and I ordered a few bits from the range to give them all a try. 

Face cleanser, Ultra repair moisturiser, radiance pads, ultra repair cream and Eye remedy

I stuck with what I knew with my first order, picking up the radiance pads I had loved previously, and they came in a set with the cleanser and repair cream. I absolutely love the radiance pads simply because they are so effective! They are little round pads of cotton with a smoothing side and an exfoliation side. All you do is gently smooth the pad over the skin and it removes all manner of grind from the day and tones, but doesn’t leave my skin dry or feeling unfortable. I always feel so fresh after taking my makeup off with one of these. 

I also got to try the repair cream as part of the set and have become a real fan of it. It can be used on the face or the body, and is great for thirsty, irritated skin. I tend to use it at night as It’s a bit thicker than the ultra repair moisturiser. It really does do what it says on the tin too! If my skin is looking a bit gross, I cleanse was the the creamy cleanser and moisturise with the repair cream and it puts everything back into balance. Marvellous stuff!

Likewise for the day moisturiser. It’s a lot thinner in consistency, and more like a serum than a cream, but the tiniest amount packs a big moisture punch. I tend to use this under my makeup in the daytime or I mix it with my foundation to make a tinted moisture. It’s not at all greasy, in fact it dries down to a perfect matte finish without drying out the skin, and really helps to keep the oil balance in check. It is unscented like the rest of the products too, so you don’t have a weird mixture of scents on your face. 

Finally, I also recently picked up the new Eye duty triple remedy eye cream, which promises to brighten and sooth tired, irritated eyes. I’m not one for using eye cream usually as I find its fussy, but since I’m getting older I thought I’d give it a go, and I actually love this one. It’s applied using a clever metal “spoon” on the top. The product comes out from the top then is applied to the skin in small circular motions using the metal tip. It instantly cools and tones the under eye area, and the tinted formula helps to cover up dark circles and redness while the active ingredients get to work repairing the skin and depuffing. It’s a little miracle in a tube! 

I’m so glad I found First Aid Beauty again, and have had such a wonderful experience. My skin is looking the best it has done in years, with no recent breakouts at all, and I’m looking forward to trying more of the great products they offer. 

Find yours here


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