Babylis Big Hair blow dry brush

So I bought a Babylis blow dry brush recently as I was tired of doing a crap job of blow drying my hair. I’ve tried several times but just can’t get the knack for it and end up with aching arms and a bad mood because I’ve probably pulled my hair more than once. Do you feel my pain? 

After a bit of research into getting the perfect blow dry easily, I came across a few blow dry brushes. These brushes promise to not only dry your hair, but also create volume with a sleek finish. This Babylis model had hundreds of raving reviews saying it was incredible and created a flawless finish every time, so I wanted to give it a try. 

Luckily, I managed to get it on a discount through ASOS, and it arrived next day, so I could give it a try straight away. I let my hair dry about 80% (as the instructions stated to do) then split my hair on sections and got started. 

First of all, the actual brush is pretty massive but is super lightweight and easy to hold. The bristles are a mixture of natural and man made fibres, but create a silky, sleek look with no static. The hot hair blows through the vents between the bristles, applying heat all over the hair as the brush moves. It has 2 heat settings and a cool setting which you use to “set” the volume. 

I started with my fringe and rotated the hair away from my head and rolled it until dry. Instantly my hair was smooth, dry and beautifully shiny. I managed to do my whole head pretty quickly and ended up with a volumous, bouncy barnet  and didn’t need to put the straighteners anywhere near it! 

This brush is brilliant and creates a flawless blow dry finish so quickly; even on wavey, frizzy hair like mine. I recommend it if you struggle to create volume, or have thin hair. Thick hair may take a long time to dry using this, but if you have the patience of a saint, it is worth the spend. 


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