Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs review 

I’ve hated getting my legs out for as long as I can remember, not because they are peculiar shape or anything, but because they are pale and blotchy and just don’t look very nice. I’ve tried and failed to make them look better over the years, even resorting to fake tan (which went horrendously bad for me, might I add!!), but nothing really made them look better other than resorting to nude tights. Now, I like a good pair of nude tights, but the constant tearing while pulling them up and the waistband cutting me in half everyday just doesn’t appeal anymore now I’m older and more interested in comfort. 

So, what am I to do? Suffer tights forever, or find a way to hide my pins from sight? Well, a wonder product I never really thought to try has saved the day!!

Queue Sally Hansen Airbrush legs… 

This product is by no means new to the market, it’s been around for many years, but has only recently been released in the lightest shade. This product also used to just be a spray and has now been released as a lotion too so there’s different options at hand. 

I’m very dubious about these products after my failed attempts at using fake tan previously and the horrors of getting that orange glow from some leg “tints”, but seeing the lighter shade I felt like this could be a safe bet on my pale, blotchy pins. 

According to the instructions, both products need to be applied to hands first, warmed up and then smoothed onto the legs to get an even coverage, which kind of defeats the point of a spray, but I went with it. At first the product looks really thick and orangey which made me panic slightly, but once I smoothed it into my legs, it actually blended out really well and created a light “sunkissed” kind of glow like a pair of tights would. It’s not tanned, and it’s not a flat foundation type coverage, it’s kind of Inbetween the two which is really nice! However, on first application, it did come out a bit patchy. I looked up online to see if I was doing it wrong and found a forum that suggested applying with a tanning mit to get an even coverage, so for attempt 2 I gave that a try. 
So, attempt 2. This time I applied the product directly to a tanning mit and applied to my legs in circular motions. Low and behold, the coverage was SUPERB. It dried to an almost airbrushed finish with no streaks, product build up or gaps. My legs looked instantly perfected even with all the bruises and, scars and veins I have. It’s like a foundation for your legs but with the added benefit of a glow too. 

With this new wonder product I feel confident enough to wear dresses without having to struggle with tights, and with its quick dry formula and super long lasting colour, I can put it on in the morning and just forget about it for the whole day! Marvellous stuff! 


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