The Body Shop Pinita Colada range

I’m a big fan of piña coladas in the summer time. There is nothing quite like having that creamy, pineappley delight in the sunshine. It never fails to put me in the holiday mood. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out The Body Shop were releasing a Pina Colada inspired body care range!! EEK! 

The range comprises of a body scrub, fresh body sorbet and body butter. I got all 3 because I simply could not resist the incredible scent! The products genuinely smell like piña coladas, and it is irresistable! 

I’ve always been a big fan of the Body Shop body butters since I first got one for Christmas when I was 16. The texture is super creamy and keeps my skin moisturised all day, which is unusual with dry skin like mine. I’d fallen out of love with them over the last few years as they hadn’t come out with any new scents I was interested in for ages, until this one. It’s the perfect blend of citrus and creamy coconut and the scent lingers for quite a while after applying. 

If I fancy something a bit lighter, the body sorbet does the trick. It’s a very odd texture for a moisturiser in that it’s grainy like a shower smoothie, but it absorbs really quickly leaving a fresh, light layer of moisture on the skin with no residue. I love it for a quick all over moisturiser after a shower in the morning. I can get dressed and head out the door immediately and not have to worry about letting it dry. 

Finally, the scrub. Most scrubs tend to be quite coarse and oily, but this one is sooo creamy and nourishing. It’s actually so lovely to use and washes off really easy, leaving my skin soft and polished. 

So if you are a fan of Pina Colada’s, and  getting caught in the rain, (sorry, I had to) I highly recommend this gorgeous range. It will leave you feeling summer ready and smelling glorious! Chin chin! 🍹🍍


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