What’s in my bag

We all carry out essentials around in our handbags, but I always find it interesting to know what other people have in their bags, so thought it would be fun to show what essentials I keep in my bag day to day. 

Bag: Primark, Purse: H&M, Hairbrush: Tangle Teezer, Handcream: The Body Shop, Mints: Smint, Perfume: Marks and Spencer, Headphones: Beats Solo 2, Iphone case: H&M, Lipsticks: Charlotte Tilbury, Liquid Lipstick: NYX, Face powder: Urban Decay, Concealer: Urban Decay, Antibacterial hand gel: Cuticura, Hair bands and Kirby grips: Boots, IPhone charger: trendz

At the moment, I am very fond of using a backpack over a shoulder bag or tote, simply because it is more comfortable for my back and shoulders. I picked up this little gem in Primark for just £9! It’s such a beautiful neutral shade and feels really soft like leather, but is Infact synthetic. A real bargain, and a great little holiday piece! 

I try not to carry too much in my bag for the most part, simply because it can get very heavy and trying to find items in there becomes ridiculously hard work! So I stick to the essentials and keep it as simple as I can. The obvious things are always in my bag, like my cute H&M kitty purse, my house keys and iPhone. I picked up the gorgeous marble case currently gracing my phone from H&M and I really love it. It’s really soft yet strong and looks gorgeous!

To keep my iPhone topped up, I always carry my Trendz power bank just incase I need a quick charge on a night out or need a boost after work. This genius little device holds 2 full charges.

I recently picked up my Beats Solo 2 headphones after reading a forum about the best headphones for glasses wearers. These babies are super soft, light weight and produce amazing sound quality. Plus, they look gorgeous! I travel into London for work, and they work really well for blocking out the noisy train journeys so I won’t be without them now.

I won’t ever be without my essential beauty arsenal. I always need to have access to my multi purpose concealer, which not only covers blemishes, but also brightens the under eye area effortlessly. I keep my powder foundation to hand to set my concealer and top up coverage throughout the day. This Urban Decay one covers beautifully and leaves a matte finish without clogging up my skin or leaving a horrible build up. I don’t tend to carry many blusher or bronzer in my handbag as I hate it when powders smash so I keep a stash in my desk at work instead. Finally, I carry 3 of my favourites lipsticks. I have 2 Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, mainly because they are just the best all-rounders, delivering bold colour, a hit of moisture and hours of comfort with ease. I keep the shades “Bitch Perfect” and “Amazing Grace” in my bag at all times incase I want to switch from a classic nude to a petal pink and go from day to night in one swipe. I also keep my NYX lip cream in “Cannes” within easy reach, as I love to slick it on if I’m going out after work, or if I’m seeing a client. It’s a lovely pinky nude shade with a matte texture, but it’s so comfortable and long lasting, you wouldn’t think it was a lip cream at all. 

For fragrance, I love this little number called Bird of Paradise from Marks and Spencer. It’s a really fresh, light scent, great for the summer. A quick spritz makes me feel so much fresher and more awake, and the light scent really lingers without being overpowering.

Finally, I always keep the basics. My Tangle Teaser hairbrush is a blessing, and really helps to keep my tresses in check throughout the day. It’s small and compact and I don’t have to worry about broken hair clogging up my bag!! Mints are absolutely essential for me, because I love to feel fresh and Smints are really sweet too! I keep hair ties on hand for when my hair is having an off day, and Kirby grips for those pesky stray strands! I also never leave the house without anti bacterial hand gel. London Underground is not renowned for being the cleanest place, and I would prefer to be safe rather than sorry!! 


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