Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara

I am a devote fan on Charlotte a Tilbury makeup. I absolutely adore her lipsticks, eyeliners and foundations, so you can understand my excitement when she recently released a new mascara into her collection. Funnily enough, I was running out of my current favourite, the Urban Decay Perversion mascara, so thought I’d get this one as a replacement. 

I had watched YouTube videos and read reviews online for this new “wonder product” before I decided to buy, because a price tag of £25 is quite steep and I wanted to make sure it was worth it. Almost every review said it was incredible so I went for it.

So, what do I think? 

Well, first things first… The packaging is GORGEOUS! It is the beautiful rose gold that adorns all of Charlotte Tilbury’s products, and makes it feel really luxurious and expensive (though it is pretty expensive!).

The brush is a full, bristle brush with long and short bristles. It’s a great shape and style that grabs every single lash effortlessly, and separates while also pushing them up a creating a fan effect. I must say, it does create really full, super lengthy looking lashes with just one swipe which is pretty incredible. The product is also really buildable, allowing you to effortlessly apply up to 3 coats with no dragging, stickiness or that horrible dry feeling you can sometimes get when applying extra coats. The formula is really flexible and almost “elastic”, meaning it never dries crispy, but always stays soft and moveable. 

It has a really “eye opening” effect, and feels really comfortable to wear. I sometimes struggle with some mascaras as they use chemicals that irritate my eyes, but this one doesn’t irritate at all which is great.

However, there is a downside. While this mascara creates big, beautiful lashes and works amazingly well, I did find that it smudges an awful lot! I have worn it every day this week and have to continuously wipe under my eyes where the mascara has transferred and left a grey smudge. Not ideal! 

I don’t want to stop using this, as I do love the effect it creates, and it was pretty expensive, but I think I will need to experiment with powders under my eyes to try and stop the smudging! For now, my Urban Decay mascara is still my firm favourite, but I will keep hunting to find one better, if that’s even possible!! 


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