St Tropez in shower gradual tan 

I am in a constant battle with my paleness. Not that I don’t like being fair, but I’m far from that lovely creamy alabaster skin tone of the likes of Dita Von Teese. My skin has olive undertones but is really pasty and just basically rubbish! So, I try to make it look as good as I can, and that usually means adding a bit of colour. I don’t tan overly well generally so a dark tan would look bizarre on me. All I need is a little bit of warmth to add a lift to my skin and perhaps hide some the discolouration I have. This has been ridiculously had to find, though. 

I have tried loads of fake tan products in the past, from foams, to oils, to dry mists and every time it goes streaky or patchy and sometimes it just looks really orange, and that makes NOONE look healthy. So you can understand I was pretty dubious to try this new innovative product from St Tropez, but after lots of um-ing and ah-ing I decided to give it a shot!

St Tropez has been on the scene for many years and they pride themselves on creating a natural, healthy tan with none of the harmful aspects of sunbathing. With this in mind, I had high hopes for this product, and the idea of just 3 short minutes to get a lovely healthy glow had the lazy side of me beaming. 

So the idea of this is that you apply it to wet skin after cleansing and wait 3 minutes before washing it off under the shower. Then dry off gently and within a couple of hours a light glow will develop which can be built up with regular use. Simple, right? But does it work? 

Well, being a quite simply useless self tanner in my recent years, I did worry that I would end up doing it wrong and wind up having patches and streaks all over the place. However, I was pleasantly surprised! I applied the creamy formula to my whole body after cleansing, waited 3 minutes as stated then simply rinsed it off. My skin afterwards felt soft and lightly mousturised and didn’t smell at all biscuity like most gradual tanners do. After a couple of hours my skin didn’t look dark or particularly tanned, but it did look glowy, warm and my imperfections looked slightly blurred. I left it a few days to see how long it would last and was quite surprised that it faded off very evenly. After success like that, I’m going to try building it up this week to see if I can get a deeper colour. 

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this and I do think I will use it regularly since it’s so quick and easy. 


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