White out 

Let’s be honest, we would all love to have beautiful white teeth, right? Problem is, the professional whitening treatments from your dentist are not only expensive, but they take a long time to work. Sitting in a dentists chair with a big plastic mouth guard in for 2 hours doesn’t sound overly appealing. 

So, in comes the HiSmile at home tooth whitening treatment. You’ve probably see it all over the social media already, it seems like a lot of celebs swear by it, and it’s been really hyped up!  

I decided to test out the whitening system myself to see if the stories were true. I ordered the basic whitening kit and the coconut whitening mouthwash.

The HiSmile tooth whitening kit

The whitening kit is presented really well, with the whitening gel neatly placed inside the presentation box, and the mouth guard and whitening light placed opposite. 

How it works: it’s actually super simple! You simply attach the mouth guard to the light and put 1/4 of a syringe of the whitening gel into the top and bottom of the mouth guard. Then just pop the mouth guard in, turn the light on and relax for 10 minutes while the gel gets to work. The light will turn itself off after 10 minutes and you can rinse and go. Simple! 

Pros: the treatment is so quick and easy to do, you can literally do it while you blow dry your hair. 

As well as that, the formula is really gentle, so it won’t cause any irritation or sensitivity during or after the treatment time. 

In the starter kit you get 3 syringes of gel, which will give you 12 treatments, that’s pretty great for the price!  

Cons: the kit can only be ordered from Australia currently, which means expensive customs charges and delivery can be quite slow. 

If you just put the gel into the mouthguard, it doesn’t always cover the whole tooth surface, so I find rubbing a little bit across the teeth before putting the mouthguard in eliminates this issue. 

You do have to make this a regular routine, otherwise the whitening won’t last. That can be quite pricey If you have to order more gels in order to keep on top of the upkeep. 

Does it work?: the ultimate question… And the easy answer is, yes it does. I found after just the first use my teeth were one shade lighter against the colour chart, and after the second use, they were even whiter! I’m going to keep going and see if I can make it to a 3. I’ll be happy with that! I find it’s really quick and easy to use and the gel doesn’t taste funny, doesn’t leave sticky residue or any sensitivity. I really love it! 

Coconut whitening mouthwash

I bought this along with the kit as it says it makes teeth even whiter if used together. So why not, hey? The mouthwash is in individual tubes and can be used every other day to draw stains off of the teeth and keep your mouth incredibly clean. 

Pros: the mouthwash tastes and smells really nice, and the packaging is lovely, but that’s about as far as the positives go for me.

Cons: the formula is basically coconut oil with bicarbonate soda in, so you can imagine the texture of it. It’s really slimey and oily but also has chunks in it so that first moment you put in your mouth, the instant reaction is to gag. I tried twice and both times I really struggled to make it through the 2 minutes rinse around. The lumps in the formula dissolve after a couple of seconds of swishing but the initial texture had just put me off completely, so I can’t really give a review of if it works or not.


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