Urban Decay All Nighter foundation review

We all dream of finding a foundation that will not only make us look flawless, but will also look natural and feel good on the skin. Que Urban Decay’s latest foundation, the All Nighter foundation. 

This foundation promises a perfected complexion in a waterproof formula that lasts all night, but looks soft and natural. Sounds unlikely, right? All waterproof makeup I’ve ever used has been either really thick, or quite oily to stop water penetrating. However, Urban Decay has never let me down before so I wanted to give it a try… 

The verdict – I will put my hands up and say this is one of the best foundations I have ever used! It’s light, creamy and provides an incredible amount of coverage with a matte finish. When it comes out of the pump, it looks a lot lighter than you would expect, but oxidises quickly to create a slightly darker shade on the skin. A tiny amount goes a long way too. One pump gives me full face coverage and it blends easily, though you need to be quick as it sets really fast!! Once set, it stays put all day, and I literally mean all day!

The best part about this foundation is how natural it looks, though. The coverage is insane, like the best foundation coverage I’ve experienced since Estee Lauders double wear. However, unlike double wear, this foundation is super light and genuinely feels like you’re wearing no makeup at all. It is velvety soft on the skin, and by some makeup witchcraft, it is actually waterproof! I got caught in the rain and totally soaked and the rain drops pretty much bounced off of it, and after a quick pat dry my face looked great again! Insane!!

The only downside I can find with this is the fast setting time, as it can be quite tricky to blend it before it dries if you’re not speedy or doing small areas at a time. But, if you can blend it fast, the pay off is amazing. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with very oily skin however, as I think it may become patchy, but it works well on my combination/dry skin perfectly, and doesn’t cling to dryness.

And the bottle looks bloody gorgeous too! 


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