Great hair? Easy!

We all want soft, bouncy, healthy looking hair. It’s just a fact. But I find in the colder weather that the ends of my hair get really dry and lack lustre, and needs a little extra help. 

Now, I could just stick on a coconut oil hair mask every day, but it’s time consuming and often leaves my hair feeling quite heavy, so I need a lighter alternative that I can style into my hair and leave it feeling great. I have been looking into leave in conditioners and serums, but most brands aren’t cruelty free, and the ones that are tend to be expensive! So, it’s been a difficult search! Luckily, I stumbled across 2 little miracles in my lunch time Superdrug stroll… and I’m so happy I did! 

They are Superdrug’s own brand, which is cruelty free and super affordable! I got 2, the Hair therapy oil with coconut oil and the Hair therapy oil with argan oil. Both promise soft, nourished, shiny hair with minimum effort; and I have to agree! A couple of pumps of these rubbed into the lengths of my hair leaves it feeling really soft and smooth. I use the coconut one for when my hair feels really dry, and the argan one when I just need a little bit of softness. It dries in so well, and doesn’t leave any residue or greasiness, just shiny  lovely locks! 

I tend to get quite frizzy hair but this oil eliminates that frizz and just leaves it smooth. AWESOME. and at £3.99 a bottle, who can complain?! Treat someone to these as a stocking filler this year, they’ll thank you! 


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