Fashion wishlist 

I’m always on the prowl for new looks and styles, but like to stick to a colour palette I can play with, and key pieces I can showcase. More recently I have been buy items that will be worn again and again and are able to be reinvented using other pieces or accessories. Comfort Is key here, however, and I no longer wear anything that is too fussy or difficult to wear. It comes with age I suppose… but I finally know what suits me, what I enjoy wearing and what pieces will become an integral part of my wardrobe. 

So, I have been putting together a list of items I’m listing after to add to my current capsule wardrobe collection. Some items are more dressy, ready for the party season and some are more casual and comfy for everyday wear. 

Here goes…

Leopard print coat, Florence and Fred at Tesco.

I absolutely love this coat! I’m not usually one for bold prints, but I love leopard print coats! They add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise pretty basic outfit and throw off my monochrome colour palette in the best way! 

Topshop reclaimed midi dresses

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE?! I absolutely fell in love with them the moment I set eyes on them! The floaty sheer fabric and feminine ruffles are offset by thigh high splits in the skirt and an open back. Sophisticated but still a bit sexy. I love them! 

Levi’s skinny jeans 

Like most girls, I love a good pair of skinny jeans. They are the ultimate wardrobe necessity and go with everything, so a good pair is important.  Since Topshop changed the style of their classic Leigh jeans to a much thinner alternative, I need a new favourite that will last. Cue the newest members of the Levi’s range, with just enough stretch and a mid rise to make them super comfy. Need. 

Matt & Nat backpacks

I bought my first leather backpack around this time last year and I wouldn’t be without it now. My posture is so much better since switching from a shoulder bag, and I can carry so much more stuff! But working in the city, I need a professional looking backpack and these are just the ticket! Made from robust leather and with gorgeous classic styling, they are set to be a classic for years to come. Plus, they come in my favourite colour… Grey! 

Black Borg lined denim jacket (this one is from Topshop)

What’s not to love? A classic denim jacket with a cosy Borg lining. Warm and trendy.

Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit trainers

How amazing are these?! I had a pair of the classic Gazelles and loved them so much, but got them in blue and they didn’t go with anything, BUT THESE are grey, like most of my wardrobe. Enough said!

Flat black over the knee boots

After finding the perfect pair of over the knee heeled boots from Topshop, I decided I need a flat pair for daytime roaming. I love how warm they keep my legs and they just look great with jeans and dresses. I can see boots like this getting worn ALOT this winter.

Crystal jewellery 

I have become fascinated with crystal jewellery recently. I’ve always loved crystals and used to collect them when I was younger (yes, I know, what a geek) and now I’m seeing these gorgeous rocks and crystals being used in jewellery and I love it! I do really need to invest in some good jewellery that will last rather than costume jewellery and I think I’ll start with something like this.

Flexible dresses (these are from Topshop) 

What I mean by flexible dresses is dresses that can be worn for several different occasions. These Topshop beauties would look just as good at work with some court shoes and a blazer as they would at a party with some killer heels, a punchy red lip and a belt. That’s value for money! 

Adidas Gazelle trainers

I love Gazelles so much that I want another pair. Yep! But this time in a classic black and grey combo. B-e-a-utiful!

Unknown Ombré watch

What a babe! For the last year I have worn a watch every day and wouldn’t know what to do with myself without one now. I have a couple to choose from but not a black one… then I saw this and got very excited! It’s so pretty and fits into my wardrobe beautifully. 

Grey fedora hat (this one is from Accessorize)

Is it obvious that I like grey yet? In the spirit of keeping my favourite colour very much in the moment, I would love a classic fedora to dress up my outfits. 

Embellished clutch bag from Accessorize

HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS BAG!? I’m looking for a cute clutch for the Christmas party season and this one fits the bill. It’s classy but with just enough glitz and glam to make it a head turner. Amazing. 

Leather tie choker (this one is from ALDO)

I’m loving chokers right now, especially these leather ones! I adore this longer length one with the tassels. It adds something to a basic outfit and looks so cool! 


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