The best budget matte liquid lipsticks 

Liquid lipsticks have been the biggest makeup must have for 2016, giving us the ease of a lip gloss but the staying power of a lipstick. To be a good liquid lipstick, it needs to have 3 main things: 

  1. Staying power
  2. Intense pigment
  3. Comfort

It seems like every makeup brand has released their own version of the liquid lipstick this year, with some being great, and others not so much. The bigger bug bear of a liquid lipstick is the drying effect though. As with all matte lipsticks, they can be incredibly drying so finding one with the right formula to ensure it’s comfortable and the least drying as possible is so important! 

I’ve tried loads of liquid lipsticks this year, one of my favourites being the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks and the Limecrime velvetines lipsticks. However, they are quite expensive so I went on the hunt for some budget dupes and had a very varied experience, from some down right awful ones to some better than the high end version ones. Here’s my top pick for budget variations.

NYX soft matte lip cream (colours shown from left: Milan, Ibiza, Stockholm, Cannes, Amsterdam

I have become a super fan of these lipsticks because they are simply brilliant! The little tubes are very handy to throw into my handbag, and the soft lightweight formula is to die for. These babies are not only incredibly pigmented, but they’re also really smooth and not at all drying. I can happily apply one of these and wear it comfortably for hours on end without the worry of fraying or bleeding. I have found that the darker shades are quite hard to apply as they tend to smear and leave gaps. After a few coats they’re OK, but they’re not as good as the nudes and brights. The nude colours are simply incredible, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Sleek Matte Me ultra smooth matte lip cream (colours from left: Fired Up, Bittersweet and Shabby Chic )

All I can say is WOW. These lipsticks are incredible. I have never used a liquid lipstick with such staying power! They come in a range of shades from nudes through to the darkest plum shade and are so intensely pigmented, it’s hard to imagine they only cost £5. The formula is really creamy and smooth and dries to a comfortable matte finish, but is a bit thicker and heavier than the NYX lip creams. The denser formula goes a long way towards its staying power, though. I gave the red one a test run and after having dinner and drinks and a bath it was still on! I couldn’t believe it! It does transfer a little bit but it doesn’t seem to effect the colour at all. Bloody amazing. 

Collection Velvet Kiss moisturising lip cream (colours from top: Blackberry, Rosie and Mulberry

What a bargain. This £2.99 lip cream is not only really pigmented, but it’s really comfortable to wear. The formula is Matte but also moisturising so can be worn for a long time without the worry of drying out. It doesn’t last as long as some others I’ve tried, but for the price I think it’s a really lovely lipstick and well worth a try. 


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